Crafts & Candy DIY BBQ Kit


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This is a perfect summer project to make with kids for a backyard BBQ or create a fun dessert! 

This kit is for fans of our Crafts & Candy classes at Wilbur’s of Maine. Until we resume in-person classes, this kit has been designed to create at home- you just need a microwave, a bowl and a spoon for stirring!

Each kit contains:

An instruction sheet to follow step by step

6 Oreos to make 6 grills

The BBQ candy “menu”: 

Hot dogs (hot tamales)                                         Corn (candy corn) 

Steaks (caramel creams)                                       Lobster (gummi lobstahs) 

Veggie Kabobs (sugared gummis)                       Fish (Swedish fish) 

Ice cream (Ice cream cone candies)                   Chocolatey wafers for melting (grill marks)

Plastic bag to use for piping chocolate

Tooth picks for veggie kabobs

Wax paper for chocolate cooling

Each Oreo grill holds about 3 candy pieces, so there is plenty of candy to mix and match or for additional creations or munching!  See product gallery photos for ideas!