Hagrid’s Hut Candy Craft Kit



If you love The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,  you will love creating this magical kit, complete with some of the  favorite elements of Hogwarts and our favorite half-giant, Hagrid! Includes Fang the dog, a dragon egg, pumpkin patch, Hedwig, Aragog,  a broom stick and all the pieces to make a sweet hut for Hagrid.

Each kit contains:  

1 Lb. Bits & Pieces*                              ½ Lb. Melting Chocolate  

3 Mallow Pumpkins                            1 Peanut Butter Cup  

1 Black Licorice ‘Fang’                         1 Box of Pretzel Sticks 

1 Sour Gummi ‘Aragog’                       1 White Chocolate ‘Hedwig’  or milk chocolate Pigwideon

1 Chocolate Almond ‘Dragon Egg’      1 Clear Plastic Cup 

1 White Box to use as a base               Instructions for building

*small candy pieces may vary*

Watch a video of Hagrid’s Hut here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYqbhnO6xrk