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Chocolate Confections

    Award winning confectioners, Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections produces a full line of superb, quality chocolate, 


    from blueberry creams made with real Maine made Wild Blueberriessmall  blue bckgroud to Giant Turtles oozing with home made caramel,turtlessmto Chocolate Covered Wild Maine Blueberry Truffles, and 200 forms of molded goods.     molded goods 1 small-1                                                                                                           small panning Specialize in corporate giving and customer oriented mail order. Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Confections is the only chocolate panner in the state of Maine. Best known for their chocolate covered blueberries, they also produce chocolate covered cranberries other fruits and nuts as well as espresso beans, pretzels and malted milk balls in 12 different flavors. What distinguishes Wilbur’s from other panners in the US is their commitment to panning with the highest quality chocolate.